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Dog walking, I will spend anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes with the dogs to make sure they are exercised and their needs are met.  Prices are based on number of dogs and if its a one time walk or if a package is purchased for future walks.  There is no expiration on the package but it must be paid in full.                  


Transportation service will still be offered, but upon special request only. Approval will be depending on prior obligations. Price will be determined when request is made.


These can cover a multitude of things. For example if you have cats, dogs... etc I would, upon request, come over to your home (whether for a day or weeks) and check in on them. While there i will clean their liter boxes, feed them, give them fresh water, and pet them (only if they are okay with it). Also I will take in your mail, water your house plants, and if you are a gardener like me I will water your garden so you don’t stress about all you have labored to grow. I also am willing to pick up a few items for you so when you come home you don't have a bare fridge. The price of this service varies based on number of animals and what is needed to be done, but pricing starts at $12.00. I will visit up to 4 times a day!
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